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Turban Workshop

Sep 17, 2017
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
WRS – Washington Regency Society


This  workshop is full.   If you want to add your name to the waiting list please send an email to

Join the Washington Regency Society for a workshop on Regency Turbans.

1818 la belle assemble


The fixed turban is a very versatile and useful headdress for the Regency period.  It can cover a “bad hair day”, short hair, unruly hair, big hair, or even modern colored hair that may not fit the character you are attempting to create with your look.

Working from instructions available at Your Wardrobe Unlock’d and written by the Bay Area historic millinery expert Lynn McMasters we will create our own “Fixed” style turban headdresses.   In the linked article  you will see many types of turbans, the third and fourth sections of the article will be the inspirations for our workshop.

For your 10 dollar fee WRS will provide the Buckram bands prepared with millinery wires as well as some thick padding materials that can be used as mulling – the rest of the turban headdress can be completed with hand stitching or you may bring your portable sewing machine if you desire.

You will need to bring enough fashion fabric to cover the large circlet as well as a large circle of fabric to cover your head and hair – probably a full yard of 45 inch wide fabric.   If your fabric is very sheer or lightweight you might need more, if your fabric is very stiff you might use less.   You may also want two colors or weights of fabric.  It is completely up to your imagination and your fabric stash!  If you are planning to make the stuffed roll turban style in the 4th section of the reference article you will have to bring some stuffing as well.  See the chart in the article to determine approximate amount.  Always get more than you need if you are not exactly sure of the amount – it is surprising how much material these turbans can use.

Please also plan to bring your sewing kit including scissors, needles (millinery needles if you have them), thread, (buttonhole weight or heavier thread may be useful for some parts of the project), thimble and any other sewing supplies you think might be useful.  Bring a notepad and pencil.  If you think it will be useful also print out and bring the reference article from Your Wardrobe Unlock’d - there is no wireless internet access at the School.

The workshop will be held at the New York Fashion Academy, 5201 Ballard Ave NW • Seattle, WA 98107• (206) 352-2636  - this is the location of many previous WRS sewing days.   The parking is tight on Sundays as the Ballard Farmer’s Market is the same day but there are a few pay lots around.  Carpooling or public transportation might be good options to explore.

WRS will supply:  
Buckram band with Millinery wire for base 
You should bring:
A print out of the article from Your Wardrobe Unlock’d (if you want to have a copy)
-At least one yard of fashion fabric – you may want two complementary fabrics
    -note: if you are planning the stuffed roll in section 4 also bring lofty Polyester Quilt Batting approximately 1.5 yards
Costume jewelry, brooches, bits of ornament, bits of trim, braid, ribbons, strings of beads,  feather plumes – any ornament you may want to attach to your turban.   These items will be stitched to your turban so don’t plan to use them for anything else after you make your turban.
 Sewing Kit including:
                  Needles (including millinery needles if you have them)
                  Threads that tone in with your fashion fabric
                  Heavy thread like upholstery weight or buttonhole twist
                  Pin cushion

There is a strict limit of 12 people for this event and prepayment by September 10th is required. This workshop is full – please send an email to if you want to be added to the waiting list.

You may pay via the PayPal link that will appear after you enter your registration information below or you may mail your check to our Mailing Service:

Washington Regency Society — 117 East Louisa St.  Box 488 — Seattle WA 98102

either way – please register below:

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.