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A word of caution when looking at blog sites for information

*Regency fashion plates are our equivalent of Vogue Magazine – they are the height of and even the extremes of fashion. And like modern fashion trends, the rich could afford the new styles immediately while it could take months or a year before a simpler version could be created out of Mama’s old dress for those less affluent.

*Fashion in America and Continental Europe from 1790-1830 was very similar to English Regency wear with Empire waist lines, cashmere shawls and muslin gowns, but the fabric colors, trim and hair were sometimes quite different! If English Regency wear isn’t to your taste, research German, French or Dutch period paintings – the colors and trim are quite lovely!

1.   Timeline of larger fashion trends 1790-1830

2.   Regency fabrics & materials, and what you can buy today

3.   Women’s Regency Wear, pictorial inspiration: illustrations, museum links

4.   Regency dresses, how-to: tutorials, costuming blogs, fitting

5.   Men’s Regency Wear

6.   Unmentionables: corsets, petticoats, stockings, chemise



Regency Style

Fashion Plates: Historic Fashions- fashion plates from the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Hair: styling, wigs, hair pieces

Accessories: Jewelry, reticules, parasol, gloves, aprons

Hats & Bonnets: Bonnets, Turbans





Parlor Games

Regency Cooking and Dining

Videos: BBC Canada dines Regency Style!