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The Washington Regency Society is a group unto itself, and is closely affiliated with the Oregon Regency Society. Many of our members belong to both the WRS and the ORS. All the Regency Groups are part of the Regency Society of America.

Regency Groups

Oregon Regency Society
Bay Area English Regency Society (BAERS)
Virginia Regency Society
Regency Society of America
Sacramento Regency Society
Georgia Regency Society

Shared Interest Groups

Somewhere in Time Unlimited (SITU)
Beyond Reality Costumers Guild (BRCG)
Jane Austen Society of North America Puget Sound Region (JASNA)
Seattle English Country Dance

Facebook Groups You Can Join

Georgian Jane Austen Regency
Napoleonic Costume
Regency Costuming
The Washington Regency Society

Websites to Visit

Jane Austen Society of North America and its local JASNA Puget Sound
Jane Austen Center Bath,uk (The Regency Townhouse)
susannaives.comĀ (Regency Era researcher)