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  • Sari Safari 2018

    Posted on October 18, 2018 by WRS in News, Reference, Sewing.


    Members of the Washington Regency Society gathered at Sara’s house on Saturday, October 13 to venture out to the Indian textile shops in Kent.  After being practically overwhelmed by the choices and brilliance of the yardage and saris in the first shop we were able to explore all four of the shops that were scouted in advance by Mary and Sara.   Here below is the list of the shops we visited and lists of the highlights of their selections.  Please remember these shops have narrow aisles and are rather crowded so we don’t recommend going in costume, but rather in modern (narrow) clothing.   Ask to be guided to the Natural Fabrics if you want cottons or silks.  Please message us and let us know if you try these shops and share your treasures and creations from the shops on our Facebook page.

    These first three are all within the same strip mall

     Kent Selection
    23617 104th Ave SE, Suite B
    Kent, WA  98031
    - Stretch velvet
    - Shirting
    - Solid and embroidered semi-sheers
    - Crinkle metallic
    - 100% cotton voiles/muslins
    - Polished cotton
    - Quilting cottons
    - Larger floral prints 
    - Wool-like and linen-like fabrics
    - Pre-made 3-piece sets
    - Unmade 3-piece sets
    - Shoes
    - Jewelry
    - Trims/metallic trims
    - A few pre-made turbans
    Indian Selection
    23637 104th Ave. SE
    Kent, WA 98031

    - 100% cotton voiles/muslins
    - Metallic brocades
    - Floral prints
    - Printed cottons
    - 3-bolt sets of coordinating fabric
    - Pre-made 3-piece sets
    - Unmade 3-piece sets
    - Shoes 
    - Jewelry
    - Trims/metallic trims
    - Some pre-beaded reticules
    Khoobsurat Boutique  (walk a bit down the mall and past a curb/driveway)
    23811 104th Ave. SE, #103
    Kent, WA  98031
    - 100% cotton voiles/muslins
    - Some metallic brocades
    - 2 ½ yard scarf lengths
    - Shoes
    - Jewelry
    - Trims/metallic trims
    - Pre-made 3-piece sets
    - Unmade 3-piece sets

    The  fourth shop is approximately 1.5 miles further down 104th Ave. S E, you will probably want to drive or take the bus

    MV Selections
    25825 104th Ave SE
    Kent, WA 98030

    - 100% cotton voiles
    - Polyester yardage
    - Silk Yardage (she calls light weight silk "paper silk")
    - Wool (Pashmina) shawls
    - Shoes
    - Jewelry
    - Trims/metallic trims
    - Pre-made 3-piece sets
    - Unmade 3-piece sets

    * The candid photo above was taken in the Kent Selection store at the beginning of our safari.

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  1. Agnes G says:

    We should remind people that WRS first heard the expression “Sari Safari” from members of the Beyond Reality Costumer’s guild, the local sub-group of the International Costumer’s guild. They are mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy costumers but some are historical costumers. Historically they travel to Vancouver, BC on Super Bowl Sunday to search out Indian textiles. More recently the “safaris’ have been infrequent due to the Seattle Seahawks participating in the Super Bowl and the fact that many of the sari shops have moved out of Vancouver into the outlying suburbs. Specifically, Guru Bazaar, one of their favorites, has moved to Surrey BC.

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