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~Upcoming Events~

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Due to the Pandemic our events are currently virtual

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Stitch-Ins for 2021

Please register here for our Stitch Ins and we will send you the zoom link and reminders: SIGN UP HERE

          Dear Gentle Friends,

The Leadership Board members are excited to offer a monthly sewing get together.  These virtual get togethers are excellent for learning new skills, being inspired by others work and ideas, and for meeting like-minded people.

 Bring a project you are working on or just come and discuss Regency era things.  You may come in costume or in dishabille, and have lively discussions with friends from near and far.

So, please join us for a virtual get together!

$5 to non-members (consider becoming a member for $25/year)

Be sure to register so we may email you the Zoom link.

Upcoming Stitch-Ins 

Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 1 pm  Hosted by Sara

Here is the link to the Zoom Meeting 

Zoom will open in a new window when you click above.

Meeting ID: 978 6090 7313
Passcode: StitchIn21

Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 1 p.m.  Hosted by Sandra Slover

Sunday, June 27, 2021  at 10 am Hosted by Cynthia Nordlund

we will schedule more as we see how the worldwide pandemic goes…

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Coming later this year:



December 11, 2021

1 – 3 PM

          Ruth’s dolls are excited to invite you and your dolls (if you have them) to participate in a Holiday tea party and stitch-in! Dolls were popular during the Regency, as you will see.

Ruth will give a short slide show on dolls of the period.

In the picture above, Cora, Eliza, Georgiana, Isobel, and Jane (left to right), are ready to share a cup of tea and they have their work table all ready to go.  These dolls are contemporary recreations designed by doll artist Gail Wilson.  The doll in the middle represents a Georgian doll, while the others are recreations of the Hitty and Izannah Walker from later periods.

The dolls of the Regency Period were primarily made of wood.  These are known today as Peg Wooden dolls.  I will have some slides to show a few examples of these dolls as well as the more elaborate Georgian dolls which preceded them, and the dolls which Queen Victoria played with at Kensington Palace.  After the slide show, we will have plenty of work time as well as Show and Tell and sharing what everyone is working on.  Bring your own refreshments.

Regency costume is admired but not required.

           Please register on our sign up page here: A Doll’s Tea Party 

Stitch-Ins are $5 or free to members.  The Zoom links will be sent out closer to the date to those who have registered.

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Strolling in Kubota Gardens

Still hoping that good weather and healthy air will coincide and we can have this event

Garden Stroll

POSTPONED – date to be determined

Watch for an email – as soon as it is safe to go to the Garden we may have a quick “pop up” type event here.

Let us stroll in the Kubota Garden! This distinctive Northwest/Japanese 20 acre Garden is alive with blooms around this time of year.  You may bring a picnic for after the stroll .

Wear your best Regency walking outfit, sturdy walking shoes for gravel paths, parasols and bonnets!  FREE ! (There is no admission fee for this garden.)

Here is a link to more information about the Kubota Garden.

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Before the pandemic these things were planned… these listed below are now planned for 2021 and beyond.

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Brothers Grimm Evening

October 2021 (early) (is it’s safe to gather by that time)

Cards, fun costumes, snacks, and a Regency swap meet

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 A Blessing of the Hounds

(No kill) Regency Hunt and
A Hunt Breakfast

For Autumn of 2021 if we are safe to gather at that time.

We are excited to work with the Woodbrook Hunt Club in Lakewood again!

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Regency Educational Day


Jane Austen inspired Christmas Tea

December 2021

(providing it is healthful to do)

at Fernhill Library (Tacoma Public Library)

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Twelfth Night Ball

January  2022

It it is safe to gather by that time

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Stay tuned for more….Group Sewing Days

Sewing tools

Join us for a sewing day!

We have had a lot of fun and made a lot of progress on projects when we meet up and help each other with our costuming.  We are negotiating with spaces and plan more of these “sewing days” this year — follow this space for more information soon!

The Washington Regency Society

would be honored with your presence this year.

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Join us for 2021! – click the box above to join or renew. 


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~Past Events~

Past Stitch-Ins for 2021

Your Leadership Board has offered a monthly sewing get together.  These virtual get togethers were excellent for learning new skills, being inspired by others work and ideas, and for meeting likeminded people.

Stitch – in

Sunday, February 7, 2021 Hosted by Ruth Haring

Sunday, Feb 28, 2021, 10 am Hosted by Cynthia Nordlund

Theme was completing the Soft Topped bonnet.

Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 1 pm Hosted by Sandra Slover – Included a presentation about White on White Embroidery

Regency era gown with white on white embroidery

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 Soft-top Bonnet Workshop

January 24, 2021

via Zoom

Soft Top Bonnet

Ruth Haring showed us how to complete a soft topped bonnet with a straw brim. Ruth has been making these for herself and her daughters for years and will share some of her newest tips.


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General Membership Meeting


Chemisette Presentation

November 8, 2020 via Zoom



We virtually gathered to look back on our year,  vote for officers for the next year.  and have a brief presentation about Chemisettes and “show and tell” about chemisette patterns and construction by members.


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Reticule Presentation and Workshop

Sunday, October 18, 2020 1-3 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time

Via Zoom

puffy reticules in period images

Click through the images above to get more information.

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Virtual Tea Party

sewing  at computer

Saturday September 19, 2020

1-3 p.m. 

Gather via Zoom in your own safe space for tea, talk and maybe a little hand sewing – it’s up to you how far you take the fun.  As always, Regency costume is admired but not required.


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Tall Ships


August 2020


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Summer Picnic and Performances

July 25, 2020  virtual

harry playing flute

Washington Regency Society’s Summer Virtual Picnic

We all take to our own gardens with our own picnics, where we will meet virtually Via ZOOM !

Set up your tea table, don your Regency Sunday best, re-trim your bonnet! ~ Of course Costumes admired but not required!

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 Sewing Morning in Dishabille

Sunday morning June, 28, 2020 

10 am to 1 pm

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Washington Regency Society presents:

Sewing at home together – mixing the Regency sewing circle with modern technology

We can gather in our Morning dress or “dishabille” (or not in costume if you prefer but please keep it “G rated”.)  Bring along your hand sewing or set up your computer next to your sewing machine – there are no rules other than our standing rule “Be excellent to each other”.

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Sewing Day

Sewing tools

Join us for a sewing day

February 2, 2020

Federal Way Library

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Twelfth Night Supper and Ball 2020

Saturday, January 4, 2020



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Seaside Assembly 2019


WRS returned to Tokeland! 

November 8-10, 2019

The Washington Regency Society gathered at The Tokeland Hotel on Willapa Bay, for a Retreat from the modern world,

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bonnet lady

Buckram Bonnet Workshop - part 2

September 15, 2019

bonnet lady

Buckram Bonnet Workshop

Saturday,  August 24, 2019

You may click here to see some more of our past events.

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(This policy was adopted on 5/7/17) 

• Deposits or full amount must be received by the published deadline which is 30 days prior to the event unless otherwise specified.

• If the minimum number of people do not sign up by the deadline, the event will be canceled, and money refunded.

• If an attendee cancels after the published deadline, no refund will be made.

• Attendance is transferable but the purchaser is responsible for finding a substitute.