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The Washington Regency Society is a group unto itself, and is closely affiliated with the Oregon Regency Society. Many of our members belong to both the WRS and the ORS. All the Regency Groups are part of the Regency Society of America.

Regency Groups

~ Oregon Regency Society
~ Bay Area English Regency Society (BAERS)
~ Virginia Regency Society
~ Regency Society of America
~ Sacramento Regency Society
~ Georgia Regency Society

Shared Interest Groups

~ Somewhere in Time Unlimited (SITU)
~ Beyond Reality Costumers Guild (BRCG)
~ Jane Austen Society of North America Puget Sound Region (JASNA)
~ Seattle English Country Dance

Facebook Groups You Can Join

~ Georgian Jane Austen Regency
~ Napoleonic Costume
~ Regency Costuming
* The Washington Regency Society

Websites to Visit

~ Jane Austen Society of North America and its local JASNA Puget Sound
~ Jane Austen Center Bath
~,uk (The Regency Townhouse)
~ (Regency Era researcher)


Fabric Resources

At our recent Sewing Workshop, we were asked to share some of our recommendations for places to get appropriate fabric and trims for Regency costuming.  This is a list of what I have found after 10 years of sewing for me and my daughters.  It is by no means a complete list, and we will add to it as we find other options.

Regency clothing was constructed in natural fabrics such as wool, linen, cotton, and silk.  During this period, England was at war with France, so silk was harder to come by.  The stylish dresses were constructed from very lightweight cotton “muslin” similar to lawn or voile.  Cotton is also easy to sew with.  (We do not require that you use natural fabrics, but we do recommend them.)  Men’s coats were made of a heavily felted wool and their shirts of linen.  Pants were of wool, cotton, or leather. 


~  Joanne Fabrics is really hit or miss.  Check out their “Specialty Cotton” section, they get some nice white, sometimes colored embroidered and plain fabric. (Various locations) 
~  Pacific Fabrics is a chain store in Seattle and Bremerton.  They carry quilting cotton which can be a little heavy, silk, some wool, and a good selection of ribbons, buttons, and braids. (838 NE Northgate Way, 2230 4th Ave. South, and in Bremerton at 4214 Wheaton Way)
~  Mill End Fabrics is a wonderful store in Portland and Beaverton.  They have an extensive collection of lightweight cotton, silk, wool, and corset making supplies.  If you get on their mailing list, you will get a 25% off total purchase several times a year. (9791 McLoughlin Blvd. Milwaukie, 4875 SW Western Ave., Beaverton)
~  Fabric Depot is off of 205 in Portland and is a huge store.  In the last couple of years they have gone to more quilting cottons, but do have some lightweight cottons and wools.  They have an extensive notions department and have carried buckram (for bonnets) on occasion.  They also do mail order. (700 SE 122nd Ave, Portland)
~  Pendleton Outlet:  This is across the street from Mill End in Milwaukie (south of Portland).  They have a wonderful selection of wool as remnants and on rolls. (8500 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Milwaukie, Oregon) 
~  Lady Lynn’s Natural Fabrics:  A professional seamstress who has a nice collection of fabrics from silk velvet to wool.  I have had good luck at this store.  They are in the West Side of Olympia on Harrison Ave.  Look for her sign out front,  it is a house. (1715 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia)
Online Resources

These have a better selection but you don’t get a good idea of color or weight, or pattern size for figured fabrics.  Ask for samples.

~ has an extensive selection of lightweight cottons, Swiss Lawn, batiste, silk, and small prints.  They also carry ribbons, lace and trims.  Their Swiss Muslin is as close as you can get to the original Regency muslin.
~  Renaissance Fabrics:  They carry natural fabrics for costumers at fairly reasonable prices.  They have beautiful silks, some cottons, linens, and wool.
~  Dharma Farics:  Very reasonably priced white cotton, silk scarves, and silk velvet.  I have seen this dyed and used for a lovely redingote. 
~  Burnley and Trowbridge:  I discovered this company while searching for suitable wool for a man’s jacket.  They carry authentic period fabrics, notions, and patterns.  Very nice company to work with and very helpful.