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Tokeland Recap 2019

mrs hurst dancing


WRS returned to the Tokeland Hotel in Tokeland, Washington on the Willapa Bay for a Seaside Assembly the weekend of November 8, 2019.   Here are a few highlights of our visit.

We arrived on Friday afternoon – a few of us stopped for a tea break in Aberdeen at the home of our member Helen.

cynthia pelisse

This is our member Cynthia posing in her new pelisse in Helen’s home.

it’s about another 45 minutes drive to Tokeland from Aberdeen, many arrived in the afternoon, some barely made it in time for the 7 p.m. dinner bell.   After dinner we all gathered in the Parlor where our President, Ruth taught us about the history of the Willapa bay and Tokeland.

Ruth teaching history

Ruth laying down the facts!

ruth teaching other anglelizzy and mindi back learning

Learners listening to Ruth’s Presentation

After the presentation there was time for socializing, playing cards and late night beverages.

Saturday morning was a very wet day.   Many members came down to the parlor in their Regency era dishabille.

jil and michael dishabille cropped in

Michael and Jill relax with their morning coffee as one would at a country house party.

Lydia dishabille

Modest yes!  while still dishabille!

First lesson of Saturday was French Hand Sewing taught by the profoundly talented and very generous teacher, Bobbi Chase learning french hand sewing cropped

You can see the intense concentration of learning to roll that edge!

more sewing


Following the sewing lesson we had lunch – another feast!


Many chose to stay indoors after lunch and learn the art of writing with a quill

quill writing michael learning to write with quills

Others attempted to venture out for walks, however it was a very rainy day and we have no photograph of the wet to share.

Those who stayed in, or returned from their wet walks enjoyed a lovely afternoon of reading, telling stories, playing games or even more sewing! read quietly jill read and take tea
sewing daytime


One more time we changed to our evening finery and responded to the dinner bell

long dinner shot mother and daughter dinner

After dinner we had a small raffle drawing then many joined in a Jane Austen themed Murder Mystery

solving the mystery

We won’t give away the solution – just in case you find yourself playing such a game one day!

Here are a few more snaps just for fun:

hallway upstairs early history notes annelise with fan annelise at keyboard annelise and jill playmenu luncheon french hand sewing sample fire room key tara's bed ruth reading tea cup kitchen door

lizzy tara mindi