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z2023 Twelfth Night

WRS Twelfth Night Celebration Jan 7 2023

January 7, 2023

Twelfth Night Celebration

A Masked Ball


Come join the celebration!  Washington Regency is proud to announce the return of the Twelfth Night Celebration!

This will be our first big gathering since January 2020, and we all know what happened in February 2020…

The restrictions on renting the Wells Hall at Christ Church Episcopal in Tacoma are that we all wear Personal Protective Equipment:  a mask that covers our nose and mouth (except when eating or drinking).

We have scaled back the amount of time that we will be putting each other at risk by cutting back on the full dinner served at previous balls to offering only a dessert table at the break in dancing mid-ball.

Our theme this year is the “Masked Ball”: not in the traditional sense of the word but in the more current, healthful sense – a ball where everyone wears a mask covering the nose and mouth for personal protection.  Now, these masks need not be simply utilitarian, we will have prizes for masks as well.   The mask that most fits the individual’s costume, the mask that is most extravagant, the mask that is silliest.  There may be more categories the judges think up at the ball as they are inspired by your masks. Be creative, make it fun!

There will be a short dance lesson in the afternoon where our Regency specialist caller, Alan Winston, will teach the basics of Regency Era English Country Dance. If time allows he will go on to teach some of the nuances of style that add grace and flow to the dancing. We will not be learning every dance planned for the evening but will learn the basic concepts of English Country Dance so that we can follow the callers instructions during the ball.

Alan will be supported in this effort, and the ball in the evening, by very talented musicians, Anita Anderson (Piano), Betsy Cooper (Flute), and Sande Gillette (Fiddle).   We are so lucky to have such great musicians willing to work with us for this ball.

The dance workshop will start at 3:00 p.m.  and wrap up at 4:30 .  You will then have time to go have dinner somewhere else, or picnic in the area (or  your car if that’s your choice) while the ball committee sets up the decorations for the event in the evening.

The doors will open to the ball at  5:30, and the ball will commence at 6:00  We will  break from dancing at an appropriate interval for the dessert, approximately 8:00.  Traditional Regency style Twelfth Night Cake will be served as well as other fruits, nuts and other treats.  We will also provide seasonal punch, tea, coffee and water throughout the evening. Dancing will resume after the break and end at 10:00 with a final free waltz.

We will be asking for volunteers to help with various tasks related to set up and clean up after the ball, as well as placing the dessert items on the buffet table at the break, and helping with tea and coffee service.

This ball and all WRS events are run by volunteers, there is no paid staff.

Ticket Sales are closed (they closed at 6 pm on January 6, 2023)

WRS Refund policy:  Tickets are not refundable but may be transferred.

These photos below are from our last ball in January 2020