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Puff Sided Regency Reticules

Puff Sided Regency Reticule Presentation

On Sunday October, 18, 2020 Mary presented her research on puff sided and draw stringed reticules from the late 18th century to the mid 19th century.

Here are some of the images she used in the presentation with the information about the extant object.

saffron waldan 1823 abolitionist

Abolitionist Reticule circa 1823 from the Saffron Waldan Museum, UK

V n A abolitionist 1825Abolitionist Reticule, 1825 from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

inked bag cooper hewitt 1810

Inked bag, 1810  from the Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York

winterthur sarah greenough 1810 to 1815

Puff Sided reticule, 1810-1815 made by Sara Greenough, Winterthur Museum,  Delaware

winterthur 1800 to 1840

Puff sided reticule 1800-1840 Winterthur Museum

winterthur date unknown made by Mary Greenough

Puff Sided reticule, date unknown, made by Mary Greenough, Winterthur

kent state AG 1Puff sided reticule, 1800-1825 Kent State Museum, Ohio

Kent State AG 2closer image of Kent State Museum reticule showing tassels.

Mary also referred us for more information to the Genesee Country Village and Museum where a workshop was advertised in 2019.  This is the text of the description of that workshop.

Inked Reticules: Practice your penmanship and your needlework in this workshop as you make an inked reticule or workbag with instructor Sharon Lampman. Popular projects and gifts amongst schoolgirls in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, inked reticules allowed young women to show off their penmanship and fine stitching. They are a delightful (and useful) accessory for all ages! Participants will trace decorative patterns and a short verse onto cotton fabric, ink their design, and then sew the fabric into a reticule or workbag. [Additional stitched embellishments, fringe, and tassels may be added as desired.] A variety of shapes and patterns will be available to choose between, along with a selection of verses, but participants are welcome to bring their own favorite embroidery designs and poetry to embellish their reticule. Fabric, cord, needles, thread, marking pens, and patterns will be provided. Participants should bring a sewing kit, including pins, marking pencils, and a ruler, and any additional embroidery patterns or verses of poetry they wish to include on their reticule.
(Bolded characters were highlighted by Mary).

Although this workshop was in the past by the time Mary wanted to make her inked reticule she used this information to guide her execution of her own inked reticule.

Mary also credited Angela Trowbridge of Burnley and Trowbridge Company for a class she took at the JASNA AGM in 2019 and recommended Burnley and Trowbridge as a source for materials for creating your own reticule.

If you would like your own copy of Mary’s instructions on how to make your own puff sided reticule please email society@ waregency . org and request one.