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  • What shall I do?

    Posted on May 4, 2020 by WRS in Book Reviews, Costuming, Educational, News.



    Ruth teaching history


    From the President:   What Shall I Do During the Corona virus Scare? 

    During this crazy, scary time, it is good to stay busy.  With so many events canceled, I thought it might be a good time to look around at home for activities that might keep me occupied.  First, I decided to go through my project stash. (Of course, needs of family and friends come first.)  I discovered that I had more projects than I remembered and am now working on a Laughing Moon bib front dress out of a pretty flowered plissé.  There are also bonnets, shawls, and several knitting projects I could work on too.  I’ll share what I’m working on via our Facebook page and would love to see what others are working on as well.

    If sewing is not your thing, maybe reading might be of interest. (It’s better than watching the news!)  I started rereading my annotated version of Jane Austen’s Emma.  I saw the movie, which I enjoyed very much, and that sparked a desire to read this much-loved book. I’m also reading David Thompson’s The Collector, the story of David Douglas, the first naturalist in the Northwest.  Our Douglas Fir and Douglas Squirrel were named after this very interesting Scotsman.  Another good historical read is Washington Irving’s Astoria, the story of the Astor expedition’s attempt to secure the sea otter trade for a young United States.  Irving had access to all of John Jacob Astor’s correspondence from both the land and sea portions of this expedition, so the detail is amazing.

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